Yoshino (b. 1986) spent the majority of his early life in San Jose, CA. In his adolescence, he spent countless hours devoted to various creative practices. He was raised with good morals, in a non-judgemental household, which gave him the space to explore unabashedly. He would later credit his mother for her courageous efforts to gracefully raise and support him, which unbeknownst to her, ingrained an overarching mindset of fearlessness within him.

While attending Long Beach State University in the fall of 2005, Yoshino began to experiment with the medium of photography until he progressed into shooting commercially in 2006.

Yoshino uses his photography to draw out deep lingering emotions while seeking to unveil a psychological truth embedded within all of us. He attempts to create a dichotomy and a confluence between his observations, molding them together between varying ideas and disparate elements. With these images, he invites the viewer to enter his world and to give space for the contemplation of their personal framework and reality.

Experimentation and curiosity have always been at the forefront of Yoshino’s creative practice. In 2015, Yoshino created Artist Decoded, a podcast that was birthed out of a necessity to explore the individual practices, lifestyles, and inner-workings of artists from various mediums. The soul of the podcast has remained intact while simultaneously blooming into new iterations and exploring different ideas.

Culminating within his creative interests and an expansive backlog of conversations, Yoshino, and multi-hyphenate artist, Justin Daashuur Hopkins, formed NOH/WAVE, a multidisciplinary artist collective. Their goal is to revolutionize the artspace and to deconstruct the dogmatic principles shrouding the art world. Their ethos is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. A quote that stood out to them while creating NOH/WAVE was from the French filmmaker, Claude Chabrol: “There are no new waves, only the ocean.” They started their venture in 2017 and still maintain a gallery space in the heart of DTLA.

Additionally seeking to promote diversity, scholarship, and collaboration between artists, Yoshino and Hopkins created NOH/WAVE/ACADEMY in 2018. The online Academy’s purpose is to champion art education and to offer innovative perspectives to any medium of creativity.

Yoshino has spent his entire life trying to adapt and evolve his process and to transform his mode of thinking. He hopes to continue a path of honesty, to remain malleable and curious, and to share the stories of his fellow creatives. His wish is to help others seek enlightenment in the process of seeking his own.