Yoshino is an art polymath with a direct focus on image-making, writing, and interviewing.

He uses photography as a medium to capture poetry within an image, and attempts to create a confluence between his internal and external observations. Within the image, he invites the viewer to enter a space of contemplation and self-reflection.

Conversation and curiosity are cornerstones of Yoshino’s creative practice. In 2015, he created Artist Decoded, a podcast that explores the practices, lifestyles, and psychology of artists from various mediums.

In 2017, Yoshino and fellow artist, Justin Daashuur Hopkins, formed the artist collective NOH/WAVE. Their bi-monthly events and gallery shows championed a spirit of inclusivity and served as an alternative to the traditional gallery experience.

“There are no new waves, only the ocean.”
~ Claude Chabrol (French filmmaker)

While seeking to promote diversity, scholarship, and collaboration between artists, Yoshino and Hopkins created NOH/WAVE/ACADEMY in 2018. The online Academy’s purpose is to advance art education and to offer innovative perspectives within all art practices.

Yoshino has spent his life adapting and evolving his process. He strives to cultivate enlightenment while continuing the journey of honesty, clarity, and truth.